The Importance of CRM in Today’s Law Firm

picWhat Every Attorney Needs to Know About CRM and How to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Any marketing guru will tell you the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  In the past, CRM fell into the proverbial alphabet soup of the never-ending digital marketing acronyms for attorneys.  Today, the legal industry has wholeheartedly embraced the importance of CRM and how it can affect customer relations.  Law Firms across the country have adopted technology to help improve customer service, track crucial data and see a larger ROI.


What is CRM and Why does it Matter?

CRM is a management system to help a company interact with current and potential new clients.  A CRM compiles information from customers and helps establish and retain communication, encourage better client relationships and improve customer service.  The data collected in your CRM can help you better connect with your customers.  You can use the database to send out email marketing efforts, touch base with past clients, and built loyalty.

One of the most essential features of CRM is the effect it can have on your overall lead retention.  Collecting and tracking all of your lead information can significantly impact your bottom line.  If you aren’t capturing all of your leads, you are inevitably missing opportunities.  Using a CRM to manage all of your leads allows your database of prospects to grow and makes it easier to market.  The more you know about where your leads are coming from and which ones are retaining, the more precise your marketing efforts can be.


Using CRM to Achieve Your Acquisition Strategy

CRM is one of the most efficient ways to help you with client acquisition.  A comprehensive database of information on both potential and current clients can tell you things like how they found your firm and their online behavior.  You can use this information to communicate with potential clients at the right time in the right way.  CRM will help you convert potential new clients into paying customers.  The more you know about your market, the better you can market to them and their needs.  Understanding what your ideal client is looking for will help you cater to their specific needs.  CRM collects the data necessary for you to understand your target audience.  It also makes communicating with both potential new clients and current clients quick and efficient.


CRM and the Customer Experience

Today’s consumer has many different expectations than the consumer of a decade ago.  Today’s consumer wants instant gratification and wants to share an experience with the company they do business with.  Customer experience is critical to success.  CRM helps you to understand what your customer wants and how to serve them best.  CRM puts the customer first.  With CRM you can develop a customer-centric marketing strategy.  Consumer data allows you to tailor your communication to your client’s specific needs.  The more data that you have, the better you can serve your client.   Law firms should strive to collect data from current clients and leads at every point of contact or touchpoint.  Identifying which customer touchpoints are successful can be difficult but the more you know about your customer, the easier it will be.


What’s next for Law Firm’s and CRM

Traditionally, the legal industry has been slow to adopt new technology.  To the credit of many legal marketing departments and savvy attorneys, CRM seems to have bucked the trend.  Law Firms have adopted CRM more quickly than expected.  Now it’s time to invest in the future.   Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning are the next frontiers.  We have already started to see these advances in technology implemented in firms from coast to coast.  New technology can predict the behavior of customers and target communications based on those predictions.  The possibilities are endless for what this kind of technology can do for law firms and industries across the spectrum.


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