TV Advertising Services

Our fundamental approach in marketing is to establish Amicus as a friend to those seeking justice and legal help. This message is underscored by our creatives, regardless of the specific campaign. Our message is simple: At Amicus Media Group, we use the power of our national platform to connect people that have been harmed by others with those who can help

These underlying principles are broken down into three consistent messages:

  • Despite what’s happening to you now or in the past, you’re not alone.
  • Our network of attorneys is ready to fight on your behalf
  • At Amicus Media Group, we have your back!

In mass tort cases, it’s typical for the victim not to associate their experience (heart attack, stroke, cancer, et cetera), with their medication and/or medical device. People may often feel alone and struggle in isolation because of the misconception of being powerless to take on a big corporation. A large number of potential cases may go unreported as a result.

The goal of our creatives are to effectively bring the message to plaintiffs that Amicus Media Group sincerely shares their best interest. Our law firm partners can utilize our Amicus Media Group branded creatives or we can craft individually branded commercials to your law firm produced by our full-service, in-house production team.

Media Cash Buying

Amicus Media Group leverages hundreds of millions of dollars in media buying experience for our clients, allowing us to negotiate the most aggressive rates and best media placement possible.  Regardless of your budget size, Amicus Media Group can deliver a media strategy driving cases to you at economics that are among the best in the industry.

Amicus Media Group can bring your legal brand to a national audience, helping to enhance both your image and case acquisition efforts through both online and offline media channels. Our team works hard to constantly optimize media buys based on campaign performance. Our message can be delivered to a national or local audience, depending on the client’s needs.

In addition, our team provides pricing and performance metrics every week.

Cost-Per-Call Media Buying

Our performance driven model is more widely known as a “guaranteed cost per call” campaign.

We negotiate with our media partners a fixed rate based on the performance of the campaign. This means our clients only pay for call they receive, putting the onus on media to perform effectively.

If we run an ad and no calls are generated, our clients don’t pay anything.

This methodology fits perfectly with evergreen campaigns and for campaigns running at least one media quarter or longer. Our guaranteed cost per call model means our clients receive a reasonable estimate of their cost per packet and ultimate cost per case.


With the vast majority of Americans spending in excess of 4 1/2 hours per day watching television and  98 percent of all households having at least one television in their home, there’s little doubt that television is a powerful force to deliver any message

At Amicus Media Group,television advertising is one of the most effective media for reaching potential clients for law firms seeking to reach a wide and diverse audience

This is particularly useful for our law firm clients who are pursuing mass tort or large class action lawsuits

For clients who do not have a large enough budget for such a national campaign, our team is happy to provide alternative solutions. For instance, our exclusive attorney network matches lawyers with other legal professionals across the country who want to pursue the same class action or mass tort cases. This allows law firms to split the media campaign cost, making it possible for small firms to reach a large audience.

Contact Amicus Media Group today to learn more about the national level marketing services available to your law practice. Simply complete the contact form to get started right away.

Our approach is to purchase remnant or unsold inventory at a discount rate. Combined with our performance driven agreements, we are able to reach 85 percent of households nationwide. Large-scale cable television campaigns are able to target specific demographics through cluster purchases.

Through our strategic media cash buying efforts, our team is able to choose specific programming we have thoroughly researched and know to be the most cost-effective and responsive markets for each individual campaign. Mass tort and class action lawsuits are direct response campaigns, so it is vital to cast a wide net to generate as many leads as possible. National television cable campaigns give our law firm clients the ability to reach a wide audience, allowing effective targeting potential cases that are not geographically encumbered.

For more information on how we Amicus Media Group is able help your firm pursue a national-level cable campaign or to learn more about our success stories, contact us today!


While national cable television campaigns are known to be the most effective in our real life applications and experiences for our law firm clients, these media buys come at a substantial expense. Therefore, attorneys with budgets too small to pursue national cable television campaigns on their own can take advantage of our aggregation system.

Through our exclusive attorney network, we tactically match qualified law firms who wish to target the same mass tort or class action lawsuit. Splitting the cost and sharing leads allows smaller law firms to still reach a wide audience. This is more effective and smarter form of advertising individually.

National cable advertising offers a number of significant benefits, including consistent exposure to a broad range of potential clients. Moreover, it provides the ability to directly target specific demographics based on when and where ads are aired.

 For more information on how an aggregated campaign could help your firm gain national exposure or how we may be able to customize a national-level cable campaign to pursue your law firm’s interests, please do not hesitate to contact us!