LinkedIn Update: The Changing Face of your Feed

LinkedIn Announces Algorithm Changes for Your Feed

In a June 25 post, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product Management announced a significant change to the algorithm used for your feed.  According to the post, LinkedIn’s focus will be “People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.”  The company hopes that by shifting their feed algorithm to focus on posts from people that you are connected to or follow, they will increase the likelihood that you will engage.  Your feed will focus heavily on those connections that you regularly interact with or have the most in common with. 

In addition to your connections, you are more likely to see posts from:

  • Groups you’ve joined
  • Hashtags that you follow; and
  • Events you are attending

The more you have interacted with a person, page, or group, the more value their posts will be given on your feed. 

Getting Your Post Seen

If you regularly post on LinkedIn, this algorithm may mean that you need to change how and what you post.  The focus is on engagement.  LinkedIn wants to see that a post is garnishing responses, starting a conversation.  The post suggests several conversation starters, including the use of @mentions which tags people who may have insight to add or are more likely to comment, using hashtags and focusing on niche ideas.  But don’t get overzealous with the tags, casting a wide net hoping to get a bite.  They recommend limiting your @mentions to five people and hashtags to no more than three. 

The article says it all: “Authenticity is key.”  The more authentic a post, the more likely it will start a conversation and engage a viewer.  LinkedIn has long tried to set itself apart from other social media sites.  This recent algorithm change hopes to put the focus on what individuals care about instead of what the internet cares about. 

Interested in Learning More about LinkedIn’s Feed Changes?

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