Media Marketing Services

Our fundamental approach in marketing is to establish Amicus as a friend to those seeking justice and legal help. This message is underscored by our creatives, regardless of the specific campaign. Our message is simple: At Amicus Media Group, we use the power of our national platform to connect people that have been harmed by others with those who can help

These underlying principles are broken down into three consistent messages:

  • Despite what’s happening to you now or in the past, you’re not alone.
  • Our network of attorneys is ready to fight on your behalf
  • At Amicus Media Group, we have your back!

In mass tort cases, it’s typical for the victim not to associate their experience (heart attack, stroke, cancer, et cetera), with their medication and/or medical device. People may often feel alone and struggle in isolation because of the misconception of being powerless to take on a big corporation. A large number of potential cases may go unreported as a result.

The goal of our creatives are to effectively bring the message to plaintiffs that Amicus Media Group sincerely shares their best interest. Our law firm partners can utilize our Amicus Media Group branded creatives or we can craft individually branded commercials to your law firm produced by our full-service, in-house production team.